Mind On Design


There’s always a reason to be in shape. I’m a whiskey drinking, cheeseburger eating, soda intake machine. I get on the wagon and fall back out many a day. Yet I get right back up. Since high school I've always exercised because diabetes and heart disease run in my family. I was always ashamed of my size but I’ve always been fit. My water intake has increased tremendously. I’m an avid jogger and love Mixed Martial Arts. Adding Muay Thai and Boxing along with my strength training has really been an awesome thing. I enjoy bourbon. I enjoy a lot of things and carbohydrates have been my addiction. Yet I’m becoming more and more conscious with my decision making when it comes to a proper diet. I love jogging around the city. It energizes me. No matter how much I work out and maintain a proper diet I’ve realized that I’m not a slim fit person. I’ve learned to embrace my physic more. Okay I have a boxer build and I’m not lean like Bruce Lee. We all can dream right? The only issue that haunts me is my love handles. As long as they are there I will continue to work on them rather than having liposuction or plastic surgery. I want to work for it and burn it out rather than take the lesser road. I believe in working hard for everything I achieve. I want to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see. So far so good.  Here are some videos of my workouts, meals, and photography along the way.