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Who is Antoine Young?

Antoine Young is the epitome of a gentleman with an artistic eye. His work is like that of smooth whiskey and Coltrane sounds. A rare individual with an impressive and diverse background stemming from acting to design engineering. His ultimate creative focus is to build a brand that expands across mediums. He has adapted skills in a wide range of multimedia and design programs including MAYA, Dreamweaver, AutoCAD, and Catia.  

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Antoine’s creativity started from a drafting board and T-square, gifts from his father. Being from the Motor City, his father introduced him to mechanical design engineering with expectations that he would eventually work for the Big 3 (Chrysler, Ford or General Motors). His experience included Batavia Philpot Auto Body School of Drafting where he was trained in drafting, AutoCAD, CATIA and Pro-E.  His experience with Chrysler as a design engineer, pushed him to set his sights on New York City to pursue goals in the design world.  

Taking his talents from into other fields, Antoine transitioned to Northrop Grumman, as an aerospace/defense government contractor, in Bethpage, NY. As he felt was destined for even more monumental things in life, he went on to pursue a higher education in design and was accepted into Parson Design School in NYC, New York. He obtained a degree in digital and graphic design, and followed up with BS from The New School University in Media and Design.

He opened his studio and gallery called Whiskey Glass Studios (2009-2011). A gallery specializing in photography servicing clients such as Marker Mark® American Whiskey. His style is best known for incorporating fun pieces into his work including the use of melted wax from Markers Mark® bottle tops to create wax head Kid Robots® figurines. 

He knows how to uncover key marketing challenges, and builds designs from sketch to a full integrated media campaign that is tailored to client expectations, budget and timeline. 

In his pastime, he enjoys acting, working out and spending time with friends.  He has a great sense of humor and from time to time, you will see that personality reflected in his work. Today he still frequently travels to the Motor City. Taking time out to speak in Detroit Public Schools and other community organizations encouraging the youth into having a future in the design world. 



desife – [deh-sahyf]

noun, plural desives [deh-sahyvz]

1.   To plan an artistic or skillful form of design as a declaration revolving around one's personal fashion, inhabitant space, morals, and structure.

i.e. One day you have to desife what you want no matter what others think.

2.   An assigned yet detailed lifestyle that is specifically created intimately for one individual.

3.   To make a statement by way of a lifestyle that is catered closely for individuals who articulate through similar standards of expression.

i.e. The way we ‘desives’ this world, in a way, that suits our reflections.