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I don’t know where to begin. I’ve enjoyed bourbon for many years. I’m not the type of bourbon drinker that needs to understand the background fully and know the shear details of the aging process, the palate of the strength of the grain itself. Hey if it tastes good, and the bartender knows how to make an Old Fashion with it, I’m all over it. I would say that I’ve worked my way up the food chain to appreciate a good quality bourbon as I’ve spent time sitting on bar stools throughout this world from dive bars to 5 stars. You can tell what you’re up against from what they have in their “well”. I use to be an avid Maker’s Mark consumer, then I switched to Woodford Reserve. I have my fav’s of liquor that I choose to look for when I’m out and about or in my home.

1. Woodford Reserve

2. Monkey Shoulder

3. Patron Café XO

4. Domain Canton

5. Crown Royal Cask 16

6. Jameson

7. Gray Goose

8. Remy Martin 1738

9. Oban

10. Black Maple Hill

11. Bookers

12. Eagle Run

13. Nikka Coffee Grain Whiskey

14. Baileys

15. Maker’s Mark

1. Casa Dragone’s – this brand is quite expensive yet I very rarely drink tequila so this has been sitting up for many years. It’s used just for shots every blue moon. Thus I felt it has been a good investment to have as part of my stash.

My favorite drink is Vieux Carre


.75oz Rye Whiskey

.75oz Cognac

.75oz Sweet Vermouth

1tsp Benedictine

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

2 dashes Angostura bitters

On the Rocks. Add all ingredients to a rocks glass. Fill with ice and stir.

I take a lot of images and most of my art work has been with branding bourbons such as Markers Mark and Chattanooga, but the majority of my social media and tags are Woodford Reserve. I try my best to attend Bourbon events and contribute more to the understanding of both scotch and bourbon.

With men’s fashion I tend to blog about different types of accessories that cater to carrying such spirits on my person. I’ve come across many different types of flasks, glass ware, ice cube molds, and paraphernalia along the way from different whiskey brands.

I pay attention to detail when I walk into a bar. Not just crowd observation, but how the bartender tends to his or her customers, timing, the interior design of the establishment, and the lifestyle that it attracts. Pricing of course is everything, but I also look to see if such costs caters to the ambiance, food menu, clientele, and space provided to host the establishment itself. I don’t order a complicated drink. I’m a pretty simple man when it comes to my bourbon. Straight. Either on the rocks or neat. So, I see how long it takes the bartender to complete an easy task along with the other orders they are facing when sitting at the bar. I enjoy listening to bartenders and getting to know how they feel about certain brands. I want to know their specialty drink that contains whiskey or their ideas about what can be improved with different brands. In every bar that I enter. I always tell the bartender or the waiter, “I’m on a mission from God. To find the best old fashioned in the world.” So far I’ve found them in two places that happens to be in Philadelphia. The Continental Mid-town and McCormick & Schmick’s on S. Broad St. I tend frequent a lot on the east coast. Living in Brooklyn and my hometown of Detroit unfortunately I have not been able just yet to say the same thing.